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Professional Development Services

Our focus is you.

Carnegie Mellon is a world-class institution and as a staff member the expectations are high. The programs and services offered by Professional Development Services are designed to assist you in acclimating to the university, understanding your role and responsibilities and supporting your professional growth and advancement.

Our programs are designed to support all facets of your professional experience. Whether you are an accomplished leader or a young professional new to the work force, we are committed to meeting your needs. We have several campus partners who share an investment in your success. Streamlining resources, increasing access to services and programs and promoting connections among staff members are just a few ways in which we deliver our services.

We encourage you to take ownership of your professional development. You are the best advocate and champion for your performance. Throughout our website you will see the many opportunities available to you on our campus.

The Barbara Smith Women's Mentoring Program is seeking participants for 2017.

The program facilitates supportive relationships by matching individual women staff who are willing to act as mentors with those who wish to be mentored.

Apply by January 20, 2017.

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