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In order to work on campus, all new hires must complete a Federal Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) no later than 72 hours prior to starting their employment

  • U.S. citizens must present a photo ID, and either an original social security card or a birth certificate with a raised seal. 
  • Foreign hires, including permanent residents, must present a visa, passport or green card. 

All I-9 forms are processed in person in Payroll Services, UTDC Building, 4516 Henry Street. The new employee must appear in person at the Payroll Services office with the proper documentation in order to complete the I-9 form. If the employee cannot provide all the proper documentation for completion of the I-9, a 21-day waiver form can be completed. An employee will not be able to begin employment with Carnegie Mellon unless his/her I-9 form is on file with Payroll Services.

An employee should also complete the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) W-4 form while at the Payroll Office. The W-4 is necessary so that the proper federal taxes are withheld.

For the most recent documents, please see Payroll Forms.

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