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Your First Days at Carnegie Mellon

The first few weeks on a new job can be overwhelming. There are people to meet, duties to master, and procedures to follow. There are many tasks that should be completed within the first days and weeks of your employment. Be sure to accomplish these items in a timely way:

  • Become acquainted with your office/job: ask your supervisor to introduce you to your coworkers; get all keys and security codes you'll need to access your office/files; take a walk around campus to learn your way around; review the files of your predecessor (if applicable); review departmental and university strategic plans; and identify and introduce yourself to individuals in other offices/departments with whom you'll be expected to interact.
  • Enroll in Your Benefits: Benefits-eligible faculty and staff should log on to HR Connection to elect benefits within the first 30 days of their benefits-eligibility date.    
  • Take Required Safety Training. Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) provides comprehensive safety programs to support all departments and all jobs, from fire safety to radioactive material handling in labs to defensive driver training.
  • Get an Andrew account through Computing Services, and a departmental computing account (if applicable).

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