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About Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon is a global research university of more than 11,000 students, 86,500 alumni and 4,000 faculty and staff. Recognized for its world-class arts and technology programs, collaboration across disciplines and innovative leadership in education, Carnegie Mellon is consistently a top-ranked university.

At Carnegie Mellon, our core values—innovation, creativity, problem-solving and collaborative teamwork—provide the foundation for everything we do.

Guided by these values, Carnegie Mellon students experience a distinctive education that gives them tools to pioneer solutions through an approach that values both teamwork and leadership. The effect is both far-reaching and close to home. Its real-world impact is visible within our local communities, across the country and around the world.

  • About Carnegie Mellon
    Go to http://www.cmu.edu/about/ for general information about the university, including our history and traditions, fast facts about us, a listing of administrative departments, and maps and directions.


The university consists of seven schools and colleges:

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