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Session Information

Below are descriptions for each of our concurrent sessions.  There are programs in:

Handouts will be made available for download as they become available.  Handouts will remain available for two weeks following the Symposium.  if you would like to have a copy of the handouts available during a session for note-taking, please print it from this Web site in advance of the Symposium—handouts will not be distributed during the session.

Keynote Presentations

 Time Session Description
11:15–1:00 Keynote Address: Collaborating in Teams (Rangos Ballroom)
Keynote Speaker: Anita Woolley, Tepper School of Business
2:30–3:45 Interactive Theatre: A Job Well Done (Connan Room)
This scenario is primarily about how we respond to change. Why do some of us resist change while others are quick to embrace it? The discussion focuses on change management, leadership, and reward and recognition.

Carnegie Mellon Best Practices

 Time Session Description

Starting Off on the Right Foot: The First 90 Days and Beyond (Rangos 3)
Presenters: Farouk Dey and Lisa Krieg

Two experienced Carnegie Mellon managers share approaches and tips for leadership in the first 90 days and beyond.  We will discuss how to keep staff engaged while introducing and shepherding change at the departmental and divisional level.

Starting Off on the Right Foot Slides
Building a Culture of Employee Engagement (Rangos 3)
Panelists: Judy Abrams, Carla Freund and Gloria Gruber
Join us to learn more about what is meant by employee engagement and why it's important, and to explore practical ideas for engaging the employees in your organization.
Enhancing the Student Experience (Rangos 3)
Presenters: Amy Burkert, Gina Casalegno and Linda Gentile
Staff and faculty at the university form the framework in which students live, learn and grow at Carnegie Mellon. This session will discuss how work processes and departmental interactions can enhance the student experience.
Enhancing the Student Experience Slides

Leadership Development

 Time Session Description
8:30–9:45 Recruiting the Best Talent (Connan)
Presenters: Amy Barry and Nikhil Shirali
Hiring can be a difficult process, but when the right person is hired the department can grow and excel.  This session will discuss the ways in which you can source, identify and bring on board the best candidates.
Strengths-Based Leadership (Connan)
Presenter: Lola Mason

Decades of research have found that when leaders focus on and invest in their employees' strengths, the odds of each employee being engaged increase eightfold. In their research of 20,000 leaders around the world, the Gallup organization identified 34 of the most common strengths found in humans and developed an instrument called the StrengthsFinder to identify one's top five talents.  In this workshop, we will explore the findings of Strengths-Based Leadership and how managers can bring this philosophy to their teams.

Leading with Your Strengths

Strengths Quick Reference


Improving Workplace Climate (Connan)
Presenter: Ron Placone
This session will draw on the extensive research conducted by the Gallup Organization and will focus on specific steps leaders can take to improve workplace climate.

Improving Workplace Climate Slides

Management Practices

 Time Session Description
Leave of Absence Management (McKenna/Peter/Wright)
Presenters: Joyce Heckmann, Jan Provenzano and Linda Schmidt
What needs to happen when an individual requests a leave of absence? This session will provide an overview of the actions that need to be taken, the process for initiating those actions, and the parties responsible for each.
Leave of Absence Management Slides