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Assisting Disabled Students

Disability Resources is the designated campus office to determine appropriate accommodations and auxiliary aids for students with disabilities. The determination is based on the disability documentation provided by the student and the functional limitations presented by the disability. The student is responsible for providing appropriate documentation regarding his/her disability.

Students must alert faculty and staff to their needs for accommodations in a timely manner so appropriate arrangements can be made. However, they are not required to discuss their disabilities.

Accommodation Needs

Individual accommodation needs vary from student to student because a disability, even the same disability, may result in different functional limitations. Compensation skills and strategies vary from one student to another, just as instructional methods vary from one instructor to another. Students with disabilities need access to course materials and information presented in the classroom at the same time as all other students. However, students may need said material in a different format or presented in a different way.

Therefore, it may be necessary for faculty and staff to discuss specific accommodations that address the particular needs of the student. Treat all disability-related information as confidential. Conduct disability-related meetings in a private location. Disability Resources can assist you with this.

If a student with a disability does not request accommodations, you are under no obligation to provide them.

Syllabus Statement

You can facilitate the accommodation request process by including a statement on your syllabus that invites students with disabilities to meet with you to discuss their needs. Here is an example of a syllabus statement: If you wish to request an accommodation due to a documented disability, please inform your instructor and contact Disability Resources or 412-268-2013 as soon as possible.

Fact Sheets

NIH Disability Condition Fact Sheets provide information on selected disabilities. For more information, contact Disability Resources.