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Stress Management

Guided Meditations

The following are MP3 sound files from Dr. Bruce Rabin's "Learn to Decompress with Dr. Stress" program. These guided meditations are part of the UPMC "Mental Journey for Stress, Coping and Relaxation" program. (Note: these are large files that will open in a separate window.)

  1. Mental Journey [mp3]
  2. Breathing [mp3]
  3. Guided Imagery 1 [mp3]
  4. Meditation [mp3]
  5. Guided Imagery 2 [mp3]
  6. Music 1 [mp3]
  7. Music 2 [mp3]

Wellness and Fitness Programs

Physical activity and relaxation programs have been found to increase one's sense of well-being, aid in stress coping, and counter the physiological effects of stress and anxiety. Human Resources and Staff Council have teamed to provide staff and faculty with the following programs:

  • Free Hatha Yoga Classes for Faculty and Staff
    Human Resources offers a free Hatha Yoga class for faculty and staff. The 60-minute sessions are held at 12:00 every Monday in Whitfield Hall–Club Room. They are led by Carol Rigdon. No pre-registration is required; comfortable clothing is recommended.
  • Free Meditation Sessions for Faculty and Staff
    Human Resources and Staff Council offer a free meditation program for faculty and staff. The 30-minute sessions are held at 12:00 every Tuesday in Whitfield Hall–Pine Room, and are led by Kevin Henry, MED, LSW. No pre-registration or special dress is required.
  • Free Exercise Classes for Staff in Whitfield Hall
    Free fitness classes are offered Monday–Thursday. Learn more about the Staff Faculty Fitness program, including class descriptions and schedules. Subscribe to the SFF email list to be sure you get class announcements.