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Medical Plan Resources

Our health plans provide a number of services that can help you to maintain your health or manage chronic medical conditions. Below are just some of the resources offered by our medical carriers.

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Online Resources:
    Find providers, track and review your claims, compare and estimate costs with the Care Cost Estimator, and access health and wellness tools and resources powered by WebMD®. You can also access these resources on the go from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Blues on Call and myCare Navigator: 1-888-BLUE-428
    Blues on Call offers you toll-free, 24/7 access to care decision support and confidential health information through specially-trained Health Coaches. myCare Navigator is a health navigation and advocacy service that you can call to find providers, make appointments, understand your care cost and options, and get information to make smarter decisions.
  • Baby BluePrints®: 1-866-918-5267
    If you're expecting a baby, the Baby BluePrints Maternity Education and Support Program can help you understand and manage every stage of pregnancy and childbirth and help you make more informed care decisions. Enrolling in Baby BluePrints gives you access to information on pregnancy and childbirth, along with individualized support from a Health Coach who is available to you throughout your pregnancy and after giving birth.
  • Blue365® Discounts
    Find discounts to help you live healthier and save when you shop at some of your favorite vendors nationwide for health-related resources, including hearing, vision and complementary medicine. Plus, you can get in shape without stretching your budget with discounts on gym memberships, fitness classes and more.
  • BlueCard Worldwide
    The BlueCard Worldwide program enables you to receive inpatient and outpatient hospital care and physician services when you’re traveling or living outside the United States. It includes medical assistance services and an expanded network of health care providers throughout the world.

UPMC Health Plan

  • Online Resources:
    With UPMC’s secure MyHealth OnLine member website, you’ll have access to all the personalized information, materials, and resources you need for your UPMC Health Plan. Be sure to register and log in often.
  • MyHealth Advice Line: 1-866-918-1591
    This after-hours service is staffed by Registered Nurses who provide 24/7 telephonic and web based adult and pediatric triage services.
  • MyHealth Community
    Access this online tool to find health and wellness resources in your community, including valuable discounts.
  • MyHealth Matters
    UPMC’s MyHealth Matters blog is designed to provide a forum of discussion on healthy lifestyle information and programs. Bloggers are affiliated with either UPMC or UPMC Health Plan, and are highly trained in the fields of medicine, nutrition, physical activity, weight loss, and motivational coaching.
  • Assist America
    Your membership in UPMC Health Plan entitles you to a unique global emergency services program called Assist America. This program protects you, your spouse, and eligible minor dependent children with resources like doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other services while you are traveling 100 miles or more from your home, for business or pleasure. Assist America arranges and pays for all of the assistance services it provides, without financial caps or usage limits.


  • Online Resources:
    Select Wellness Resources to get information about many topics.
  • Nurseline: 1-866-491-4462
    Call toll-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. A registered nurse will help you anytime you are sick, injured or have any health care question.
  • KidsHealth
    A comprehensive library of health information for families featuring thousands of articles, animations, features, and age-appropriate news for three distinct audiences: parents, kids and teens.
  • Wellness Education Refund Program
    Take approved health education classes that enable you to learn about ways to get—and stay—healthier, and earn a refund of your class fee. Classes are offered at local hospitals, health care centers and other facilities.