Applying for Employee Tuition Benefits-Human Resources - Carnegie Mellon University

Applying for Employee Tuition Benefits

Taking Courses at Carnegie Mellon

  1. If you have applied and been accepted to a formal degree program, then register for course(s) through Student Information Online.
  2. Apply through HR Connection for Employee Tuition Benefits.
  3. Your application will not be reviewed until you are registered for courses.
  4. After receiving approval, a tuition remission transaction will be posted to your student account. This transaction will ONLY cover tuition charges.
  5. You will receive an electronic invoice from the Student Accounts Office. You are responsible for paying any amount due in excess of tuition by the stated due date on the invoice. Amounts not paid by the stated due dates are subject to a monthly penalty charge. (Note: PAT fees and technology fees are waived for employees. Fees are not waived for dependent children.)

Taking Courses at Another Institution

  1. Register for course(s) according to the institution's registration procedures.
  2. Apply through HR Connection for Employee Tuition Benefits.
    • Submit a copy of the course description(s)  with the number of credits per class and the invoice showing tuition charges. Your application will be held until all pieces are received.
  3. Carnegie Mellon will mail a check directly to the institution, made payable to the other institution, for your eligible tuition assistance.
    • If you have already paid tuition charges, ask the other institution for a refund in the amount of Carnegie Mellon's payment.

If you drop a course:

  • Follow the institution's process to drop the course. You may need to seek special permission to be relieved of/reimbursed for tuition fees and other charges.
  • Notify Human Resources immediately. 
  • If you already received your tuition benefit, make arrangements for repayment of the benefit.
You will not be eligible for future benefits until you either demonstrate successful completion of the course or return the prepayment.

Dropping a Course