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Benefit Programs

The specific benefits for which you are eligible depends on the benefits-eligibility of your position (full-time, part-time or not benefits-eligible).

Benefit PROGRAM Full-
Not Benefits-
Medical  Yes  Yes   No  Yes
 Yes  Yes  No  Yes
 Yes  No  No  Yes
Vision  Yes  No  No  Yes
Spending Accounts  Yes  No  No  Yes*
Life and AD&D  Yes  Yes*  No  N/A
Dependent Life
 Yes  No  No  Yes
Short-Term Disability
 Yes  No  No  N/A
Tuition Benefits
 Yes*  Yes*  No  N/A
Tuition Benefits for Dependent Children
 Yes*  No  No  Yes*
University Retirement Contributions
 Yes Yes*  No  N/A
Supplemental Retirement Accounts
 Yes  Yes  Yes  N/A
Cyert Center Sliding Scale
 Yes  No  No  N/A
Paid Time Off
 Yes  No  No  N/A
FMLA Leave
 Yes  Yes*  Yes*  N/A
Leaves of Absence
 Yes Varies*  No  N/A
Worker's Compensation
 Yes  Yes  Yes  N/A
PAT Transit Usage
 Yes  Yes  No  No
Auto Discounts
 Yes  Yes  Yes  N/A
Enhanced Banking
 Yes  Yes  Yes  N/A
Real Estate Services  Yes  Yes  Yes  N/A
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
 Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

*Specific eligibility requirements (such as minimum hours worked, service requirement, dependent claimed on federal taxes, etc.) or different benefit levels may exist. See this benefit's web page for more information.

If you have any questions about a specific benefit, please contact the CMUWorks Service Center at 412-268-4600 or

Right to Amend

Carnegie Mellon University reserves the right to amend, modify, suspend, replace or terminate any of its plans, policies or programs, in whole or in part, including any level or form of coverage, by appropriate action of the university (or its delegate), without the consent or concurrence of persons affected.

The information presented is not intended to create, nor is it to be construed to create, a contract between the university (or its affiliates) and any one of the university’s employees, former employees, or other plan participants or beneficiaries.

Please note that a summary of the benefits provided under each plan is contained in the summary plan description for such plan. Full details are provided in the official plan documents, which governs the operation of the respective plan. In the event that the content provided or any oral representations made by any person regarding a plan conflict with or are inconsistent with the provisions of the applicable plan document, the provisions of the applicable plan document will control.