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Retirement Education

On-Campus One-on-One Counseling Sessions

TIAA and Vanguard sponsor on-campus one-on-one counseling sessions to help you review or develop a financial plan, discuss investing for long-term goals like retirement, create an investment mix that fits your financial goals, and more. View the counseling session schedule [pdf] to see when representatives from TIAA and Vanguard will be on campus; click on the links below to schedule an appointment.

Online Retirement Investment Education 


  • Vanguard Planning and Education
    Vanguard's investor education and online planning tools provide a wide range of financial guidance in the areas of retirement planning, general investing, college planning, estate planning and tax information.
  • Vanguard Retirement Prep™: Smart Saving for Life
    Retirement Prep is Vanguard's audio guide that showcases the important things you need to know about preparing for retirement—throughout your life.
  • Vanguard Webinars:
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    If all registrations for a webinar are filled Vanguard will add another webinar with the same topic as close to the date of the original webinar as possible.
    • Create Your Plan—This meeting is intended to show people that there are two keys to a comfortable retirement: saving enough and investing wisely. The goal is to get participants to increase their contribution rates or check their investment allocations, and then make changes if necessary.
      • August 22, 2017; 2–3 p.m.. ET
      • August 24, 2017; 3–4 p.m. ET
    • Financial Freedom: Strategies for Reducing Debt and Saving More—This webinar covers basic rules of thumb to help you improve your financial life. It is intended to help the broad population of working Americans who feel they may be headed in the wrong direction financially.
      • August 22, 2017; noon–1 p.m.. ET
      • August 24, 2017; 7–8 p.m. ET


  • TIAA Education and Calculators
    The tools, calculators, and publications that TIAA offers can help you determine if you're on track toward meeting your financial goals.
  • TIAA Webinars:
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    • Special Topic: Quarterly Economic and Market Update with TIAA’s Chief Investment Strategist
      • July 13, 2017; noon–1 p.m. ET
    • She's Got It: A Woman’s Guide to Saving and Investing
      • July 18, 2017; noon–1 p.m. ET
    • Gaining Insight: Navigating Debt Consolidation & Understanding the Mortgage Process
      • July 18, 2017; 3–4 p.m. ET
    • Special Topic: All About IRAs
      • July 19, 2017; noon–1 p.m. ET
    • Tomorrow in Focus: Saving for Your Ideal Retirement
      • July 19, 2017; 3–4 p.m. ET
    • Healthy Numbers: Integrating Healthcare into Your Retirement Plan
      • July 20, 2017; noon–1 p.m. ET
    • Special Topic: Demystifying Life Insurance
      • August 15, 2017; noon–1 p.m. ET
    • Charting Your Course: A Financial Guide for Women
      • August 15, 2017; 3–4 p.m. ET
    • Special Topic: Basic Estate Planning
      • August 16, 2017; noon–1 p.m. ET
    • Paying Yourself: Income Options in Retirement
      • August 16, 2017; 3–4 p.m. ET
    • Special Topic: The 411 on 529 Plans
      • August 17, 2017; noon–1 p.m.
    • Halfway There: A Retirement Checkup
      • August 17, 2017; 3–4 p.m. ET