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Life and Family Status Changes

Family or life status changes frequently require you to change your benefits to accommodate your new situation. Following IRS regulations, you can make changes consistent with your status change within 30 days of the date the status change occurred.
  • In most circumstances, you cannot change the TYPE of coverage (e.g. your plan) but you may modify the LEVEL of your coverage (e.g. add a child following a birth or adoption).
  • Changes must be made within 30 days of the status change. If you miss the 30-day period, you will have to wait until the next Open Enrollment to change your benefits.
  • Changes should be made through Workday.
  • Supporting documentation is required when adding dependents to your coverage. Documentation that proves your relationship must be submitted within 30 days of their enrollment date, or they will be removed from your coverage. See Accepted dependent eligibility documentation [pdf].

    Accepted Family or Life Status Changes

    Marital/Domestic Partnership Status Changes:
    • marriage/registration of domestic partnership
    • death of spouse/domestic partner
    • divorce/termination of domestic partnership
    Number of Covered Dependents Changes:
    • birth or adoption of a child
    • child becomes incapable of self-support due to total disability
    • death of dependent child
    • dependent becomes ineligible for coverage

    Spouse/Domestic Partner Gains Coverage from Another Source

    Spouse/Domestic Partner Loses Coverage from Another Source

    Significant Change in Cost of Plan

    Significant Change in Coverage of Plan:
    • new or improved plan is offered
    • significant reduction in overall coverage of current plan
    Significant Change in Work or Residence Location (if current plan does not provide coverage in the area):
    • accept a position on an international campus (e.g., Qatar, Australia)
    • Move out of Western PA (applies if you are enrolled in an HMO product and are moving/working outside of Western PA)