Carnegie Mellon University
January 29, 2024

Parking Technology Updates

By Michelle Porter

Michelle Porter
  • Director

CMU has begun updating its parking technology across campus. This includes new lot/garage entrance and exit gates, updated hang tags for parking permit holders and a new ticket process for hosted parking guests. These technology changes will also enable us to provide more flexibility with, and real-time visibility into, campus parking.

New gates were recently implemented in several parking areas and will continue to be added across campus in the coming months. As each lot and garage are updated, new parking permit hang tags will be mailed to leaseholders in those areas. The tag’s embedded chip is automatically scanned to open the lot/garage gate arm – just hang the tag on your rearview mirror or place it on your dashboard prior to approaching the gate. Leaseholders can also open the gate arm by scanning the hang tag’s bar code at the gate reader.

Visitors parking on campus will continue to pull timed tickets or scan a credit card at the parking gate to enter, and pay before exiting. Guests whose parking has been covered by their CMU hosts will receive a unique QR code that can be scanned at the parking lot/garage gate reader to gain access.

Over time, the new technology will help us better understand lot/garage usage patterns so that we can offer additional flexible parking lease options, including more partial-week leases, where usage patterns allow. We also aim in the coming years to offer real-time information about parking availability to assist clients in making informed parking decisions as they approach campus.

For questions about these updates, please contact Transportation Services.