Carnegie Mellon University
July 12, 2023

Campus Transportation and Parking Updates for 2023-2024

By Michelle Porter

Michelle Porter
  • Director

CMU’s long-term vision for campus mobility prioritizes environmental sustainability and “green” methods of transportation. The variety of options we provide to commute to, and navigate, our campus is part of that commitment. Recent updates we have made in these areas include:

The university also offers parking permits for those who need to drive to campus. Below are parking updates and reminders for the 2023-2024 fiscal year:

  • 2023-2024 permit enrollment – Student parking permit enrollment is available July 17-24 through the online parking portal. All current faculty/staff parking permits will automatically roll over for the coming year – new access cards and hang-tags will be mailed in August. All new permits will be valid Aug. 28, 2023, through Aug. 31, 2024.
  • Rate update – All parking permit rates [pdf] have been updated for 2023-2024, effective Aug. 28.
  • Carpooling/sharing Parking permits can be shared among leaseholders, as long as all vehicles used are listed on the parking account.
  • Bakery Square permits – Two types of parking permits are now available for the parking garage at Bakery Square: a 5-day-per-week lease or a 12-parks-per-month lease.
  • Technology upgrade – New parking technology will be implemented in the coming year to help us better monitor garage/lot usage and adjust parking permit availability. This upgrade will also replace permit taps and swipes in many parking locations with a contactless method for leaseholder entry/exit.

For questions, please contact Transportation Services.