Carnegie Mellon University

Download the Institutional Equity & Title IX Resource Guide [pdf] for a quick reference guide that includes:

  • a listing of campus and community resources;
  • tips about what you should do if you are impacted by sexual misconduct;
  • an overview of how the University responds to reports of sexual misconduct; and
  • key definitions of sexual misconduct.

Download the Institutional Equity & Title IX At-A-Glance [pdf]  for a one page overview of what the IEX Office can do to support persons in need.

What types of support and assistance does the Office for Institutional Equity and Title IX provide? 

The University will offer support to both impacted and responding parties, based upon what is appropriate given the circumstances of the report and the needs of the individual.  Examples of Supportive Measures include: 

  • Assistance in seeking academic support services and accommodations, including the ability to reschedule classes, exams and assignments, transfer course sections, or withdraw from courses;
  • Academic schedule modifications (typically to separate complainant and respondent);
  • Work schedule or job assignment modifications (for university employment);
  • Changes in on-campus work or university housing location;
  • On-campus counseling services and/or assistance in connecting to community-based counseling services;
  • Assistance in connecting to community-based medical services;
  • No contact agreements (agreements between parties to stop all attempts at communication or other interaction with one another);
  • Temporarily limiting an individual's access to certain university facilities or activities;
  • Work schedule or job assignment modifications,
  • Information about and/or assistance with obtaining personal protection orders;
  • Leaves of absence
  • Increased monitoring and security of certain areas of the campus;
  • Individualized limitations on the parties’ communications and interactions with each other; or
  • A combination of any of these measures.