Carnegie Mellon University

Multi-Semester Pre-Payments

The university will accept pre-payment at any time. Families and students are able to pre-pay the entire amount of the student's education. This amount will remain on the student account until the student graduates. Any overage will be returned to the student at that time. Please note the following:

  • Pre-paying creates no guarantee that all tuition and fees will be covered by the payment, only that the full amount of the payment will be applied to tuition, fees, and other charges until the payment has been used in full.
  • Pre-payment does not provide the payer (if not the student) access to any student records, including the student account.  The student must authorize the payer to receive such information, if the student chooses to do so.
  • Once the funds have been credited to the student account, the payer (if not the student) no longer has the right to request a return of the funds without the prior written approval of the student.
  • We will prevent automatic refunding of the student account, and will only refund the funds at the request of the student.
  • In the event that the student separates from the university (by transfer, withdrawal, etc.), the payment will applied to cover all valid charges, and refund any remaining credit balance to the student.