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Types of Project LISTEN research studies

Test overall effects by comparing pre- to post-test gains to control treatment(s)

  • Reading Tutor rivaled human tutors in some skills (JECR03)
  • Reading Tutor beat Sustained Silent Reading (JECR07, JECR13)
  • Reading Tutor helped ELLs in Canada (IDEC09), Ghana (ITID10), India (Dev10)

Assess student skills, validating on performance in tutor and on gold standard tests

  • Cloze questions predict vocabulary and comprehension (TICL04)
  • Prosody predicts proficiency (CALICO04, TICL04, TSLP11)
  • LR-DBN subskill tracing cuts prediction error in half  (*EDM12)

Identify important variables using correlational analyses  

  • Gains decrease with time spent picking stories (ITS02)
  • Labs average higher usage than classrooms (Scale-up 07)

Compare types of practice using growth curve micro-analyses

  • Wide reading builds fluency faster than rereading (SSSR05, ITS08)
  • Students gained more from stories they picked (AIED07)

Evaluate tutor interventions using randomized within-subject experiments

  • Test effects of vocabulary intervention on taught vs. untaught words (ETS02)
  • Compare effects of tutor help on next encounter of word (SSSR04, ICALL04, *AIED13)

Mine tutor logs to discover useful knowledge

  • Identify prosodic indicators of reading gains (*FLAIRS12)

* Best Paper or Nominee

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