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Weekly Essentials

Wine course

Summer 2023 Class Photos

4651: Almost Heaven: An Appalachian Overview (Rebecca Carpenter) 

A group from the class rehearsed and performed for the class; participation was highly encouraged!

Submitted by: Dot Gracey

River experiments

Fall 2022 Class Photos

4388: Our Three Rivers: Key To Quality Of Life & Our Economy (Scott Harshman, Rich Lockwood)

Students doing experiments with water from the Ohio River.

Photo submitted by: Carol Couvrette

David Green

Fall 2022 Class Photos

4378: Creating your own Rijstaffel (David Green) 

Study Leader David Green explaining a recipe to the class.

Photo submitted by: Carol Couvrette

Minerals - Nature's Treasures (Harlan Clare)

Fall 2022 Class Photos

4339: Minerals - Nature's Treasures (Harlan Clare) 

Learning from geologist Dr. Travis Olds on how the scanning electron microscope is used to aid in mineral identification.

Photo submitted by: Carol Couvrette