Carnegie Mellon University

Self-Study Working Groups

With support from the Deans and Vice Presidents, the Provost has appointed a distinguished group of faculty and staff to lead the university through its 2018 Self-Study process. The membership of these groups listed on this page represents a broad cross section of the university, and they have been charged with demonstrating the university's enduring excellence in serving its students, faculty, staff, and alumni and illustrating CMU's significant contributions to the region, nation, and the world. And, true to Carnegie Mellon's unwavering of process of self-examination and improvement, this group expects to surface new opportunities that further advance the university's educational mission.

Reaccreditation is a "team sport." Its success relies not only on the expertise and leadership of the faculty and staff serving on these groups, but also draws on the support and contributions of faculty and staff colleagues across the university and at its many locations around the globe. We look forward to collaborating with our colleagues everywhere to showcase Carnegie Mellon's distinct position as one of the world's prominent higher education institutions.

Self-Study Co-Chairs & Coordinating Committee

Steering Committee

Standard 1

Mission and Goals

Standard 2

Ethics and Integrity

Standard 3

Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience

Standard 4

Support of the Student Experience

Standard 5

Educational Effectiveness Assessment

Standard 6

Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement

Standard 7

Leadership and Governance

Campuses and Locations

Verification of Compliance