Carnegie Mellon University

2008 Self-Study Overview

The Self-Study is really the heart of the accreditation process: It allows the Carnegie Mellon community to carry out its own in-depth review of current practices, to assess ourselves against the standards of peer institutions and to measure progress against Carnegie Mellon's own aspirations. Through reflection and discussion about current achievements and challenges, we can develop our own recommendations for future growth and improvement. 

The Self-Study process culminates with an on-campus review by an Evaluation Team composed of external peer evaluators. The Evaluation Team visited the campus in February 2008 to assess Carnegie Mellon with respect to the Middle States Commission's 14 accreditation standards, each of which has numerous elements or benchmarks that must be satisfied in order to qualify for re-accreditation.

Carnegie Mellon focused its 2008 Self-Study on five selected standards:  Planning, Institutional Resources, Institutional Assessment, General Education, and Assessment of Student Learning.