Carnegie Mellon University

2008 Evaluation Team

The Evaluation Team visited the campus on February 24, 2008 through February 27, 2008.

James W. Wagner (Evaluation Team Chair)
Emory University

Cheryl Beil
Executive Director, Academic Planning and Assessment
George Washington University

David X. Cheng
Assistant Dean for Research and Planning
Columbia University

Kathleen F. Conlin
Professor, Theatre Department
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ronald F. Dow
Dean, River Campus Library
University of Rochester

David L. Ferguson
Professor, Department of Technology and Society
SUNY Stony Brook

Deborah A. Freund
Distinguished Professor of Public Administration and Economics
Syracuse University

Lion F. Gardiner
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Rutgers University

Virginia C. Gregg
Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Wendy Katkin
Director of the Reinvention Center
University of Miami

Edward C. Macias
Executive Vice Chancellor and Dean, Arts and Sciences
Washington University

Representing the Pennsylvania Department of Education:
Paula Unger
Director, Bureau of Postsecondary Services
Pennsylvania Department of Education