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Executive Short Courses

Executive Short Courses 

Executive education is one of the ways in which ISA seeks to achieve its core objectives. Through innovative one-day courses for defense, diplomatic, and intelligence leaders, ISA facilitates introductions between government leaders and the Carnegie Mellon University faculty. The result is a heightened understanding among faculty and academic administrators of military and intelligence priorities as well as the creation of an intellectual support network for government officials. These introductions also are leading to new collaborations between government officials and academe. 

Each one-day course includes insights derived from CMU research that are relevant to cyber security. The interdisciplinary nature of the courses makes them pertinent to discussions covering a range of national security crises and threats. The cohort of attendees in each course includes officials from throughout the federal government. Thus, in addition to developing a network with faculty members and researchers, course participants meet counterparts in government who have similar national security responsibilities.  Furthermore, each course includes a keynote presentation provided by a national thought leader on practical applications of topics covered in the course.

Since 2015, ISA has offered several one-day executive short courses:

Fall 2015 Executive Short Course on Risk
Spring 2016 Executive Short Course on Risk, Decision Science, and Network Analysis
Fall 2016 Executive Short Course on Risk, Network Analysis, and Geopolitics
July 2017 Advances in AI and Security between 2016-2019: What You Need To Know
May 2018 A Primer on the AI and Cybersecurity Landscape in 2018, and What May Come Next: Technology, Ethics, & Policy
November 2018 Executive Short Course on AI

Courses do not offer academic credit or certification. Please contact us if you and/or your organization are interested in participating in a future executive short course.