Carnegie Mellon University

Mission Statement

The Center for International Relations and Politics (CIRP) addresses policy issues through social scientific and interdisciplinary lenses. The center's research activities are organized around these major concerns:

(1)  Globalization, defined as the intersection of international politics, culture, markets, and technology;

(2)  Grand strategy, defined as the combination of diplomatic, economic, military, and political factors used by leaders to defend their respective nation-states;

(3)  The role of globalization and grand strategy, among other factors, on state policy, nonstate actors, and transnational forces in countries and regions throughout the world, especially, but not limited to, the Americas, East Asia, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and South Asia;

(4)  Sponsorship, encouragement, and facilitation of research, across and at the edge of disciplines, which have implications for domestic politics and international relations and will promote scholarly findings among statesmen, policy makers, journalists, and scholars throughout the world; and

(5)  Training of Carnegie Mellon undergraduates and graduate students in analytical social science and the application of scholarly analysis to issues in international relations and politics more generally.

Located in the Institute for Politics and Strategy, CIRP taps into the research agendas of the department's faculty, which include behavioral decision science, complex social systems, economics, political history, political science, rational choice history, and the study of strategy, entrepreneurship, and technological change.  Intellectual endeavors throughout the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Engineering, the School of Computer Science, and the Tepper School of Business also contribute to CIRP's scientific orientation.