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Welcome to the Institute for Politics and Strategy

Founded in 2015, the Institute for Politics and Strategy (IPS) is a university-wide institute for research and undergraduate and graduate education in the fields of political science, international relations, national security, and grand strategy. IPS is dedicated to the study of politics through the discipline of political science with support from other social sciences. In this way, IPS carries on a respected tradition of interdisciplinary political science at Carnegie Mellon University. IPS also builds upon the university’s rich heritage of applying basic science to issues of common concern, problem solving, and public policy. 

At IPS, analytical social science and interdisciplinary research and teaching are used to better understand, explain, anticipate, and solve public policy problems. We employ scientific methods to expand our comprehension of the organization of human society around the exercise of power, in our own country and around the globe. In this way, we foster in students the ability to think, research, and write about politics systematically. In the opening two decades of the 21st century, the years in which our current students were born and have come of age, the world has become more interconnected but not less complex and challenging. More often these days, problems faced by one society are faced by many societies – including economic development, mobility, equality, public health, freedom and security.

Achieving the core objectives of all IPS majors and minors – thinking systematically about politics so that they can contribute to the future prosperity, security and liberty of all citizens – requires analytical and quantitative training in political science and an understanding of culture, history, and language. Courses and research opportunities across this diverse intellectual spectrum provide the foundation for IPS studies and are at the heart of the Institute for Politics and Strategy.  

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"We're really able to dive into all the main international economic issues that shape the world that we're in."

This fall, take International Political Economy with Dr. Daniel Hansen!

Join Pearce Edwards, a new postdoctoral fellow in IPS, this fall for his course, Repression and Control in Dictatorships!

IPS Highlights


Jordyn Gilliard, an MS IRP student, is interning this summer with The Borgen Project, an advocacy organization that lobbies the US government to make poverty a priority in its foreign policy agenda. Read more


Dr. John Chin, along with David Carter and Joseph Wright, recently published "The Varieties of Coups D’état: Introducing the Colpus Dataset" in International Studies Quarterly. The paper introduces the Colpus dataset, new global data on coup types and characteristics in the post–World War II era. Read more


The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recently published two rapid expert consultations that offer advice to public officials about overcoming vaccine hesitancy and communicating about vaccine efficacy. IPS' Dr. Baruch Fischhoff and Emily K. Brunson, associate professor at Texas State University, recently spoke at a webinar on the two consultations and received more than 1,000 questions from attendees. In this Q&A, they take on some of those questions.