Carnegie Mellon University

The problems of tomorrow encompass politics, international relations, and technology. Your education needs to do the same. 

At Carnegie Mellon University's Institute for Politics and Strategy, we train future leaders to examine and understand the 21st century’s uncertain global landscape so they can change it for the better.

Terrorism, cybersecurity, renewed great-power competition – at IPS, we send you into the workforce prepared to make a difference. The problems of tomorrow require nothing less.

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Knowledge is power. Learn how to use it.

War has been a constant in our students’ lives, and that unfortunately that's not changing. But what is changing is the political landscape of war – from wars between nations to non-state actors. International relations and political science are necessary for preparing students to analyze uncertainty and transformation. Our Master of Science in International Relations and Politics, a two-year graduate program, provides the analytical skills necessary to enter the job market ready to contribute. Learn more

Spend a semester inside the Beltway

You're up early. The Congressperson for whom you intern is on Ways and Means, and they’ve got a meeting at 9 a.m., meaning you need to be on the Hill by 8. You’ll swing by Ebenezers on your walk to work for a pour-over and a muffin. This is where you’ll start your day during the Carnegie Mellon University Washington Semester Program, where students live, work, and study in Washington, DC. Learn more