Carnegie Mellon University

A Sustainable World

When scientists want to share their thinking and research, they often join their colleagues at conferences, where ideas percolate and cross-pollinate. In this space, we are creating the equivalent of an online, ongoing conference — and everyone is invited to participate no matter their field. Here you can share and explore ideas about the practice of sustainability in fields from chemistry and environmental health sciences, to physics and engineering.

We hope this forum will help connect students, scientists, journalists and anyone interested in creating a more sustainable world so they can share their insights and their solutions. By advancing interdisciplinary collaboration, we hope the learning, discussion and debate in these pages will catalyze the growth of sustainable technologies in ways that truly shift scientific paradigms and bring real change to a world in need of creative solutions. Here are some of the virtual places we are creating where you can join the conversation:

Sustainability Pioneers

Sustainability Pioneers is a Southwestern Pennsylvania-based series of short documentaries visualizing a bridge from our fossil-fuel based economy to an economy based on renewable energy and sustainable living. The series is produced by Kirsi Jansa, a documentary filmmaker and journalist and the producer of Gas Rush Stories, short documentaries on shale gas exploration. Sustainability Pioneers is funded by The Heinz Endowments and The Fisher Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation. It is produced in collaboration with Rachel Carson scholar and energy consultant Patricia DeMarco and The Institute for Green Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Green Chemistry Roundtable

The Green Chemistry Roundtable is a forum within the Institute for Green Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University to gather multidisciplinary experts to address specific topics of institutional, legal, regulatory and governance infrastructure necessary to enhance the use of green chemistry practices as mainstream options.