Carnegie Mellon University

Contact the Sponsored Projects Accounting Department

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Name Title Andrew ID Phone Award Management Responsibility
Beth Callaway Director Sponsored Project Accounts/AR callaway x8-5838  

Sponsored Projects Research Team

Autumn Slobe Manager, Sponsored Research Accounting adepalma x8-2930  
Tiffany Fitzgerald Principal Sponsored Research Accountant tzilka x8-2092  
Matt Duffey Principal Sponsored Research Accountant mduffey x8-5843  

SPA Team One

General Contact   spateam1  
Andrew Grover Senior Sponsored Research Accountant agrover2 x8-7131 Accelerator, Qatar
Nicole Ferguson Sponsored Research Accountant ncurtin x8-4144 BME, Chem E, Cylab, EPP, INI, HCII
Open Position       Heinz, MSE, LTI, Psychology

SPA Team Two

General Contact   spateam2    
Heather Thomas Senior Sponsored Research Accountant hcain x8-3274 Comp Bio, ECE, MLD, Physics
Sheila Yates Sponsored Research Accountant sheilay x8-5840 Chemistry, CFA, CSD, Provost, ETC, Match, MBIC, MCS Deans Office, Tepper
Morgan Grover Sponsored Research Accountant morgangr x8-3563 CEE, Mech E, Dietrich

SPA Team Three

General Contact   spateam3  
Brandon Davis Senior Sponsored Research Accountant davisb x8-5836 Robotics
Open Position N/A N/A N/A Biology, NI, NREC, PSC, S3D, Stats

Sponsored Cash Management Team

Teresa Simpson Assistant Director, Sponsored Projects AR/Revenue teresas x8-4534  
Emily Ayala Senior Cash Management Accountant enath1 x8-1268 International, NSF, DOE, NETL, NOAA, other Fed, All Non-Fed for Robotics
Sage Levy Cash Management Accountant sagel x8-8433 DOD, All Non-Fed for SPA
Team One
Valerie Gilboy AR/Sponsored Cash Management Accountant vgilboy x8-5450 EPA, NIST, DOI, DOA, Sandia, NIH, NASA, DHS, Dept of State, All Non-Fed for SPA Team Two and CEE, CSD, HCII, LTI
Herman Carmichael Senior AR Accountant hermanc x8-8323 Other AR Non-Sponsored
Gail Follador Accounting Assistant II gfollado x8-2886 Supports all SPA and other AR