Carnegie Mellon University

Miscellaneous Accounts Receivable

Procedure Updates Due to Coronavirus

All payments to CMU that are received from external sponsors should be sent to a lockbox or wired directly to the university. AR includes these payment options on the invoices and is also reaching out to sponsors with this request. Please request that sponsors pay by wire or send checks to one of the lockbox addresses below to facilitate timely payment and application to university accounts. For questions, contact AR at

For wire and lockbox information, as well as other Finance coronavirus procedure updates, visit

Accounts Receivable coordinates the processing of university billing for miscellaneous receivables (excluding sponsored projects and student tuition and fees) through the Oracle Accounts Receivable module in accordance with the university billing guidelines and procedures. This includes the creation of accounts receivable within the system, posting of cash receipts against receivables, spreading revenue based on the earnings process, and the dunning process in conjunction with department input.

Accounts Receivable is scheduled to close monthly the third business day after a month end.