Carnegie Mellon University

Trent Cash

Trent Cash

Ph.D. Student

  • Porter 319E
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Research Interests

Decision Science, Educational Behavioral Policy


Trent N. Cash is a 3rd-year Joint Ph.D. student in the Department of Social and Decision Sciences and the Department of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University. He conducts research at the intersection of Psychology, Decision Science, and Public Policy, with an emphasis on understanding the ways in which individuals make complex, high-stakes, and policy-relevant decisions. Much of Trent’s current work is focused on evaluating the role that common cognitive and metacognitive processes and limitations play in influencing educational decisions made by parents, students, teachers, and administrators. Beyond this work, Trent also studies the ways in which different gifted education programs affected gifted students’ psychological well-being.


  • M.S., Behavioral Decision Research, Carnegie Mellon University
  • B.A., Psychology and Public Management, Leadership, and Policy, The Ohio State University


My research interests fall at the intersection of judgement and decision-making (JDM), education, and public policy. More specifically, I am interested in how JDM research can be applied to the educational domain to promote academic development, social-emotional well-being, and equitable policy ideation.