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Trent Cash

Trent Cash

  • Porter 319E
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


I grew up in the small town of North Canton, Ohio and completed my undergraduate studies at The Ohio State University. Outside of my academic life, I work for SENG, a non-profit dedicated to supporting gifted individuals, teach theatre to low-income students, and watch a whole lot of baseball.


I currently hold a B.A. in Psychology and Public Management, Leadership, and Policy and a minor in Economics from The Ohio State University. At CMU, I will be pursuing a joint Ph.D. in Behavioral Decision Research and Psychology.


My research interests fall at the intersection of judgement and decision-making (JDM), education, and public policy. More specifically, I am interested in how JDM research can be applied to the educational domain to promote academic development, social-emotional well-being, and equitable policy ideation.