Carnegie Mellon University

Gretchen Chapman

Gretchen Chapman

Department Head and Professor
Ph.D. in Psychology

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Gretchen Chapman has been a Professor in Social & Decision Sciences since 2017. Prior to joining the faculty at CMU, Dr. Chapman was a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University where she served as Department Chair of Psychology and Acting Co-Director of the Center for Cognitive Science.  She is the recipient of an APA early career award and a NJ Psychological Association Distinguished Research Award, a fellow of APA and APS.  She is a former senior editor at Psychological Science, a past president of the Society for Judgment & Decision Making, the author of  more than 100 journal articles, and the recipient of 20 years of continuous external funding.


  • University of Pennsylvania, Psychology, Ph.D.
  • Bryn Mawr College, Psychology, AB


Dr. Chapman’s research goal is to illuminate the psychological processes underlying decision making and to harness these findings in the design of theoretically-motivated, policy-relevant interventions to facilitate healthy and prosocial behavior such as vaccination and blood donation.  Her research combines the fields of judgment and decision making and health psychology.  Using both laboratory and field experiments, she tests behavioral interventions, simultaneously exploring the theoretical mechanisms of decision making and also yielding policy insights into methods for improving health behavior and health outcomes.


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