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David Rode

David Rode

Adjunct Instructor


  • Ph.D., Social and Decision Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University
  • M.S., Behavioral Decision Making and Economics, Carnegie Mellon University
  • B.S., Economics, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania


My research focuses on normative and descriptive approaches to decision making. I am specifically interested in the domains of finance and electric power markets. In simple terms, much of my research focuses on understanding what choices people actually make and what choices they should make and studying ways to narrow the gap between them. Sometimes this involves policy intervention, sometimes it involves the use of decision analysis models as decision aids, and sometimes it involves better communication with stakeholders.

My academic research has focused on methods for quantitative risk analysis, decision analysis, and simulation modeling, and on the economics of electric power markets. Outside of the academic world, I previously worked for many years in the private sector for a consulting company to the energy industry. In that capacity, I’ve testified before regulatory commissions on numerous occasions, including in some of the largest stranded cost proceedings in the country, as well as led client engagements involving the acquisition, sale, and financing of billions of dollars in energy infrastructure assets (such as power plants, transmission lines, and pipelines).

I hold an Adjunct Research Faculty appointment with the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center.

My Google Scholar page is here.

Selected Publications