Carnegie Mellon University

Topics in Second Language Acquisition: Second Language Speech

Course Number: 82-388

This course provides an overview of the fundamental questions, theories, methodologies, and findings of second language (L2) speech research. Choose from two sections: Language & Identity or Interaction & L2 Development.

SECTION A: Language & Identity (Professor Katharine Burns)

In this course, we will explore current debates and research in the field of second language acquisition that address language as social practice. Students will examine some of the ways that language both constructs, and is constructed by, individual and group identities, with special focus on multilingual and L2 contexts. Specific topics may include: the intersection of language with social variables (gender, socioeconomic status, nationality, race and ethnicity, etc.); social relations of power; discourse and language ideology; L2 learner subjectivity; L2 learner identity (re)construction; affective dimensions of L2 learning; the negotiation of the relationship between students and instructors; classrooms and communities and their role in L2 learner identity construction. Students will apply the principles and skills to hands-on projects related to their areas of research interest. The course is taught in a seminar/discussion-based format and does not require previous experience with course topics. 

SECTION B: Interaction & L2 Development (Professor Rémi Adam Van Compernolle)



Units: 9
Prerequisite(s): None