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Study Abroad in Sevilla

The Department of Languages, Cultures & Applied Linguistics is pleased to offer an exciting study abroad program in Sevilla, Spain

CMU in Sevilla takes place at the Spanish Institute for Global Education.  

City Information

Located in southern Spain, Sevilla is the largest city in Andalucia, with a population of over 700,000 people. Steeped in tradition, the city offers an amazing array of cultural activities, and is an ideal place to deepen your understanding of the Spanish language and Spanish cultures.  At the height of the Spanish Empire, Sevilla was Spain’s most important and thriving city. Through its food, music and dance, and architectural styles, one can see the clear influences of Sevilla’s Moorish, Roman and Jewish histories. Several sites in Sevilla, including the Real Alcázar and the Cathedral, have been named UNESCO World Heritage sites. A third UNESCO site is the Archivo de las Indias, a rich archive of documents and maps tracing Spain’s past as a colonial power. Many of Spain’s most known traditions, such as flamenco, still flourish throughout the city. 

Program Dates: May 11 – July 6, 2024

Students will participate in an intensive immersive experience at the Spanish Institute for Global Education (SIGE) in Sevilla, Spain. Students will take a Spanish class, as well as participate in an internship program with local organizations or businesses. Part of the internship experience will include guided reflection activities and supervision by an assigned mentor. 

Students will receive 18 units of transfer credit.

As part of their academic experience, all students will participate in cultural activities in Sevilla and other Andulusian cities. Excursions may include trips to Granada, Córdoba, as well as guided tours in parts of Sevilla, such as the Barrio de Santa Cruz. Students will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as dance and cooking classes.

There are no prerequisites for this program.

Students may enroll in courses at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. While there is no language requirement to participate in the program, an intermediate or higher level of Spanish may be required for certain internships.

Total program cost: TBD

Fees include tuition, room and board, public transportation pass and required cultural activities and excursions. 

Not covered: airfare to/from Sevilla; incidental expenses of a personal nature.

For current fees, program dates and deadlines, please contact Therese Tardio.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Our department, along with the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, offers study abroad scholarships for students to study for a semester, full-year, or summer overseas. All LCAL declared majors, and Arabic Studies minors, are guaranteed a departmental scholarship if they are in good academic standing with CMU. Scholarships can be put towards tuition, room and board, airfare and/or book expenses when participating in any accredited study abroad program. Students are encouraged to talk to program director to look for additional scholarships. Learn more about scholarships.


Participants have the added advantage of being placed with Spanish families during their course of study. Housing assignments are located within walking distance or public transporation to class and internship placements. 


Students are responsible for their airfare to and from Spain. Transit between the airport and the program site in Sevilla may be included; check with the program director for more information. Transport to required excursions is included in the program fee. All students will receive a public transportation pass for use of the bus, subway and tram in Sevilla.