Carnegie Mellon University

MA in Applied Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition

Application Deadlines & Requirements

A full list of application requirements for the Master's in Applied Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition are listed below.

Students whose first language is not English and are applying to teach English must take the TOEFL or IELTS test. Students wanting to teach any other language that is not their first language must be at the Advanced High speaking level as defined by ACTFL guidelines.

The application deadline must be met by the applicant, by any institutions requested to send materials, and by any recommenders. See right for a list of application deadlines.

Start Your Application

Current CV or resume

Upload two academic writing samples, (2-3 pages in length), one in English and one in the language in which you intend to teach (if not English).

Prepare a brief typewritten statement (one or two pages in length) in which you describe your reasons for wanting to pursue graduate studies in our program, your educational and professional objectives, and any other information that you believe will aid the Graduate Committee in arriving at an admissions decision. Please be as specific as possible. Your statement is an important part of evaluating your candidacy for our program.

Submit (electronic preferred) one official transcript (with translation if your College or University does not provide an English version) from each College and/or University attended.

Official Transcripts must be received by the application deadline. Only electronic transcripts sent via the University (or University service provider) with verification that the transcript is an official version will be coded as an official transcript. Transcripts sent via postal mail must be in a sealed envelope with the university seal.

Postal address:
Ms. Vera Lampley
Senior Administrative Coordinator
Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Modern Languages
Posner Hall 341
Pittsburgh PA 15213

Electronic address:

Three Academic letters of recommendation are required. At least two should be from faculty or recent employers. Recommenders should know you relatively well and be able to evaluate the quality of your academic and professional abilities. A request for recommendations is to be sent via the application portal. Instructions will be sent to the recommenders from the application portal.

Use the application portal to record a three-minute unscripted audio recording in the language in which you intend to teach (one for each language selected on the Language of Interest page in the application portal), describing both your language experience and professional goals.

If you intend to teach in a language that is not your first language, your Language Skill Recording should demonstrate Advanced High ability in speaking, as defined by ACTFL guidelines.

If your first language is not English, the TOEFL or IELTS is required, independent of previous or current attendance at an institution of higher learning in the United States. Carnegie Mellon University’s TOEFL code is Institution 2074. Please make certain that you use the correct institution code.