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Optional Topical Clusters

Optional Topical Clusters

If desired, individual students can select sets of courses that will enable them to concentrate on topics in which they have a special interest. Combining coursework, study abroad, internship, and service opportunities will allow students to develop a regional and/or thematic focus within the Global Studies major. While not required for the major, organizing coursework in this fashion can lend a particular focus to the student’s course of study.  

Students should contact the Global Studies academic program manager to discuss how courses from the optional topical clusters below can fit into their remaining Global Studies course requirements.  Potential topical clusters include:

  • Anthropological Methodologies and Perspectives
  • Art, Religion, Literature, and Media
  • Culture, Power, and the Global Economy
  • Gender
  • Globalizing Societies, Migration, Social Dynamics, and Movements
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Health, Technology, and Science
  • Human Rights, Democracy, and International Development
  • Art, Religion, Literature, and Media
  • Globalizing Societies, Migration, Social Dynamics and Movements
  • Regional Focus Areas:
    • Africa
    • Eastern and Southern Asia and the Pacific
    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • The Americas