Carnegie Mellon University

cs.pngReporting Options

The university offers several options for reporting concerns. Reporting will connect you to university resources and support, and help you explore your options for possible resolution.

  • The Office for Institutional Equity and Title IX lists the following options for reporting. 
    • Campus Climate and Bias Reporting Protocol (CCBRP) is a non-disciplinary mechanism for reporting and informally resolving incidents of alleged bias focusing on education, restoration, and strengthening and upholding our core values as a university community.
    • Ethics Reporting Hotline (anonymous) allows students, faculty and staff to file a report pertaining to Title IX, and other types of concerns.
    • Alternative Resolution provides a path where the harmed party feels heard and the misconduct is appropriately addressed, while the accused party has an opportunity to learn about the misconduct and agree not to repeat the behavior.
    • Filing a Formal Complaint. A Complainant may chooses to pursue an alternative or formal resolution to address any reported Prohibited Conduct by filing a Formal Complaint with the Office for Institutional Equity and Title IX. 
For more details, visit the Office for Institutional Equity and Title IX's website.