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Getting Involved on Campus

As advisors, we know that students will spend a significant amount of their time in college OUTSIDE the classroom. A good portion of this time will be filled with tasks required for their classes. However, there will still be a decent amount of time that they will have to stretch their extracurricular muscles.

Finding an outlet for interests that students have beyond their academics is an important part of their college experience. We find that students often feel they couldn’t possibly have time to join a student organization and still be successful in their studies.  The truth is, they do have time, and they will likely become stronger academically when they find an organization or activity that allows them to take time to engage in social, intellectual, spiritual, recreational, artistic and service opportunities. The Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement (SLICE) is dedicated to helping students find these outlets.  There are over 270 student clubs, organizations and activity groups on campus. Encouraging your student to find one or two out-of-the-classroom experiences to engage in could be all they need to find a place on campus where they belong, find others with common interests and become part of the vibrant community on campus.  Remind your student that engaging in clubs and organizations will afford them an opportunity to develop and grow leadership, interpersonal communication and organizational skills; all things that can enhance their academic life and the overall skill set they will take with them after graduation.