Carnegie Mellon University

Escalation Process

To appeal a data access decision, submit an email to the Data Governance Office and include the reason for the appeal and the business justification for data access.

Before requesting an appeal, the data steward(s) and the requestor are expected to discuss the data access request decision and any denial reason was already shared.

The process below is followed when a data access appeal request is submitted.

  1. The data steward(s) are notified that an appeal has been requested. They have ten business days to respond with the justification for denying the request. An exception to this timeline may be granted if the data steward is unavailable.
  2. A meeting is scheduled between the data steward(s), the requestor, and the appeal committee to discuss the data access request within ten business days after the appeal is submitted.
  3. The appeal committee has ten business days after the meeting to review the appeal and the corresponding data steward response.
  4. Once a decision has been made, a notification email is sent to the appeal requester and data stewards(s) with that decision.
  5. All appeal decisions are final.
  1. Stan Waddell
  2. Henry Zheng
  3. Becky Culyba
  4. Keith Webster
  5. Mary Ann Blair (security)
  6. Dan McNulty (compliance/legal)
  7. Jamie DePastino

Note: Any data steward on the appeal committee who is also the data steward for a request under appeal will not participate in deliberations for that request. The DSC Co-Chairs will serve as honest brokers in this process.