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Data Quality

Data quality generates trust and confidence in available data to promote sharing across the university. A data quality tool helps custodians assess the accuracy and consistency of data and take action to improve the quality.

Assessment and correction of data errors will ensure the data's readiness to support the reporting, analysis, and integrations needed to inform university business decisions and advance automation activities.


  • Enables the community to discover and make plans to correct data quality issues.
  • Improves accuracy to build trust in the data being used.
  • Provides significant time savings to resolve data quality issues.
  • Improves the accuracy and validity of addresses across all university systems using an address validation service.


  • Centralized Address Validation is available to help system owners improve the quality of domestic and international addresses within their application data. Complete the request form below for more information on the bulk address validation service, REST and SOAP APIs, and how to connect and use this service.
  • Assessment Resources provide access to the web-based Informatica Analyst tool that can be used to analyze, cleanse, standardize, profile, and score data. 
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