Carnegie Mellon University

Community of Practice (CoP)

A Community of Practice is a support network for those who share common roles or similar interests in developing, managing, organizing, and using data to inform decision-making. This community creates opportunities for learning, sharing knowledge, and collaborating on projects. 

This community will foster collaboration among different functional areas in data sharing, data governance, and the use of data to inform decisions.



  • Improve analytics activities by tapping into the energy and passion of individuals around topics, ideas, skills development, and knowledge sharing
  • Increase opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to collaborate
  • Share and communicate challenges, successes, and new approaches for problem-solving, and discover innovative ideas and solutions
  • Identify unknown pockets of analytics use and expertise
  • Align activities to a goal, creating additional attention and effort for key priorities


Anyone who is associated with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and interested in data analytics is welcome to participate in activities sponsored, organized, and supported by the CMU Leadership Dashboard Initiative.