Carnegie Mellon University

The Enrollment Process

As a department of Carnegie Mellon University, the Cyert Center for Early Education primarily serves children of university faculty, staff, and students. We are a year-round program, with each new program year beginning in August before the start of classes for the semester.

The number of openings that we will have each year is determined in March, after all currently-enrolled families have returned contracts for the upcoming year. We begin contacting families on the waiting list in April, and enrollment offers often continue through June. Families are contacted based on date of application and the age of the child.

We recommend applying for care as soon as the need arises, as waiting list times may exceed 12 months. For those hoping to enroll infants, it is acceptable to submit the application when it has been confirmed that you are expecting. Families beginning the adoption process are also welcome to apply. There is no need to reapply each year; families will remain on the list until a space becomes available. Families are contacted periodically to reconfirm interest. In lieu of frequent individual family visits, we offer an Open House tour every February for Carnegie Mellon University families on the waiting list. Invitations for community members to attend are extended if community spaces are expected to be available.

Applications and the non-refundable application fee can be sent to the Morewood Avenue location. When your application is received, an email will be sent to you, confirming your placement on the waiting list.