Carnegie Mellon University

The Cyert Center for Early Education - Penn Avenue

The Cyert Center for Early Education - Penn Avenue opened on June 1st, 2017, in response to the need for additional high-quality childcare for the Carnegie Mellon University community.  The program is located in the Carnegie Mellon University-owned building at 6555 Penn Avenue. 

The Penn Avenue location serves approximately 53 children ranging in age from 12 weeks through 4 years. The facility is made up of two Infant classrooms, one Young Toddler classroom, one Older Toddler classroom and one Preschool classroom. In addition, there is a shared play area, a studio, a kitchenette, and an outside playground. The design of the Penn Avenue space was informed by the design of the Morewood Avenue location. Windows between classrooms and classrooms that all open up to the shared play space area help to support the building of community, collaboration, and curricular development.

Professional Team
In order to support the Penn Avenue expansion, educators with experience working at Morewood Avenue moved to the new facility. The Director and the Business Operations Specialist spend part of the week at the Penn Avenue Center. Professional Development is coordinated between the two locations to ensure that together they form one program.

The Professional Team includes:

  • 1 Director
  • 1 Assistant Director
  • 1 Business Operations Specialist
  • 1 Program Assistant
  • 2 Educational Coordinators
  • 13 Early Childhood Educators
  • 1 Studio Educator
  • 1 Kitchen Assistant