McConomy Auditorium-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Using the McConomy Auditorium Room Equipment

Once you have picked up the appropriate cables, follow these steps to set up the equipment for your event, or watch the video below.

  1. When you enter McConomy Auditorium, you will find a small touch panel on the stage just left of the chalkboard. Tap anywhere on the screen to awake the system.
  2. Select Projection or Audio only.
  3. Find your CK# and type it into the keypad, then press ENTER.
  4. Once you have completed these steps, the room equipment will be ready to use. Check to see if the center projector has turned on, as warm-up might take a minute.
  5. Connect your cables to the input panel just below the touch screen.
  6. Additional adjustments you can make at the touch screen are:
    • Microphone volume
    • Program volume
    • Blank screen
    • Lighting adjustments
    Please Note: Additional devices can also be attached to this panel for use in the room. After connecting, select Wallplate VGA Input to display it properly.
  7. When your event is finished, please make sure to shut down the system by pressing Quit System.  When the system asks “Are you sure you want to quit” press YES
  8. You must return all borrowed cables and microphones to the University Center Information Desk at the completion of your event.