Connan Room-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Using the Connan Room Equipment

Once you have picked up the appropriate cables, follow these steps to set up the equipment for your event, or watch the video below.

  1. When you enter Connan Room, you will find the screen to your right.  A small touch panel is located behind and to the left of the screen by the door.
  2. If the touch panel is blank, tap anywhere on the screen to awake the system.
  3. The touch panel will display a list of events. If your event name is not listed, please contact MediaTech at 412-268-8855.
  4. Select Start System or Audio only below the day's event list. Once you have completed these steps, the room equipment will be ready to use. Check to see if the  projector has turned on, as warm-up might take a minute.
    Note:  While the projector is warming up, you will see the instructions listed for the touch panel. 
  5. Connect your cables to the input panel to the left of the touch panel on the bottom of the connected wall.
  6. To activate a device, select the device you wish to display (ie Laptop 1, Laptop 2, Aux inputs, or Blu-ray) and touch the center box labeled Display to display this device on the projection screen.
  7. To activate audio from a device, select the device and press the audio icon to the upper right of the volume bar. You should now see an audio icon at that device in the left window.
  8. To see display options, (i.e. Blank screen, screen up and screen down) press the Display options button above the display section.
    Note: Additional devices can also be attached to this panel for use in the room. After connecting each device, select Aux Inputs to display it properly.
  9. When your event is finished, please make sure to shut down the system by pressing System on/off.  If you did not mean to shut down, a Cancel shut button is available.  
  10. You must return all borrowed cables and microphones to the University Center Information Desk at the completion of your event.