Carnegie Mellon News Online Edition: May 10, 2001: Am I Who I Am? Art Exhibit to Open
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Auberjonois to Give Keynote Address

New Building for Posner Fine Arts

New Science Labs for Doherty Hall

Honorary Degrees

Student Speaker Nitya Venkataraman

Commencement Weekend at a Glance

Commencement Ceremonies and Receptions

Professors Earn Top Academic Distinction

William Mullins a "Scientists Scientist"

Timothy Burritt Dies in Motorcycle Crash

India Honors Reddy

H&SS Outstanding Service Awards

Architecture Aims to Unify "Allied Fields"

Am I Who I Am? Art Exhibit to Open

East Campus Garage to Install Pay-as-You-Park

Art Students Collaborate

Stephen Schwartz Attends ACS Dinner

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Kelly Young Self Portrait Am I Who I Am?

Kelly Young's art exhibit, "Am I Who I Am?" will be on display in the University Center Art Gallery May 12 - June 9. Ten mixed media, self-portraits of Young (left) and 20 pieces of calligraphy will be featured during the show. Kelly Young Self PortraitAt right is what Young calls "Self/Extraterrestrial Identity," an image of himself as an extraterrestrial, but with a human appearance. Young (A 1991), an illustrator/ designer for Media Design, says his art simulates images created by using the computer application Adobe PhotoShop. "There are images with shadows and overlaps, transparent images and opaque ones. There is a layer effect in this project which can't be created with oil painting alone," he says.


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