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East Campus Garage to Install Automated "Pay-as-You-Park" System
Goal to Maximize Use of Existing Spaces and Introduce Flexibility to Reduce Number of Cars Coming to Campus

The East Campus Garage will install a "pay-as-you-park" system this fall that will allow users to pay just for the time they park their car. The system will be similar to the one at the Kaufmann's garage downtown, the Bellefonte Street parking garage in Shadyside and several parking facilities in Pittsburgh's Cultural District.

Neal Binstock, assistant vice president for business services, said the two primary reasons for the change are to maximize the use of existing parking spaces in the garage and to introduce flexibility to reduce the number of cars coming to campus, a goal of the university's new master plan. The campus master plan calls for the elimination of surface parking areas for new buildings, green spaces and pedestrian walkways.

"This system is an important step in realizing the master plan, which includes future parking structures," said Kevin Lamb, director of planning services. "The top level of these parking facilities would be used for buildings, athletic fields and pedestrian gardens."

Binstock said the new system will make available hundreds of parking spaces for visitors and non-permit holders in the 432-space permit section of the garage, which is now only open to permit holders. He said a computer system would keep track of the number of cars in the garage and a "Permit Holders Only" sign will be posted when the garage is nearing its full capacity. There should be minimal, if any, impact on permit-holders finding a parking space, similar to the current situation in the garage, Binstock said.

The pay-as-you-park system will eliminate the garage's $5.50 flat-rate visitor pass. Visitors will now pay for the time they actually use to park their car. Binstock said daytime hourly rates have not been determined, but evening parking will be at a reduced rate.

Non-permit holders parking in the garage will take a ticket when entering. Before returning to their car to exit, they will insert the card into an automatic pay station that will read the ticket and identify the parking fee. Users will insert cash or pre-paid tickets into the appropriate slot. They then will receive a receipt that must be inserted into the gate machine to exit. Permit holders will use their permit cards to enter and exit the garage.

The pay-as-you-park system will not affect those who choose to purchase an annual permit for the garage, but Binstock said it may encourage some to not purchase a permit and car-pool or take the bus to work.

"If you don't have to drive to campus everyday, but buy a permit to ensure yourself a parking space, you may want to take advantage of the pay-as-you-park system," he said. "On the other hand, if you are coming to campus every day, but could take public transportation or car-pool a few days during the week, you may want to opt for the new program as well."

In 1999, Carnegie Mellon reached an agreement with the Port Authority Transit giving all members of the university community unlimited access to all PAT vehicles when presenting their Carnegie Mellon ID card to the driver. A current validation sticker must be present on the ID card. Stickers can be obtained at The HUB on the lower level of Warner Hall.

"The pay-as-you-park system is the most significant improvement to Carnegie Mellon's parking since the completion of the East Campus Garage," said Meg Stanko, executive officer of the Faculty Senate. "It affords more flexibility within the system, which will in turn better serve the increasingly diverse needs of the parking consumers."

The Parking Advisory Board and the Master Plan Committee's Transportation Task Force have approved the plan for the East Campus Garage. Lamb said the Morewood Gardens parking lot would be the next logical site for the pay-as-you-park system.

The system will be installed this June and July and tested in mid-August. The equipment installation will create some parking and traffic inconveniences. The new system is expected to be in operation by the start of the fall semester.

For more information on car-pooling and car-pooling incentives, visit the Parking Services Web site at There is a button on the front door that links you to the car-pooling incentive program.

Bruce Gerson

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