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IRP Graduate Thesis

Course Number: 84-799

Master of Science in International Relations and Politics students are expected to dedicate a minimum of eighteen hours per week to work on the thesis for the duration of the semester. The student is expected to meet regularly (once per week, on average) with the thesis adviser. It is the student's responsibility to schedule regular meetings with the thesis adviser and develop and maintain a work timeline. Upon completion of the research and writing of the thesis, the student will defend his/her work through an open forum oral presentation. A completed thesis will include 1) a Master's Thesis Signature Page; 2) a formal master's thesis paper of publishable quality between twenty and forty pages in length; and 3) a 2,000 word journal article derived from the master's thesis to be published in the Carnegie Mellon University Journal of Politics and Strategy.


Required/Elective: Required
Units: 18
Location(s): Pittsburgh

Required course for the following CMIST degree:
Master of Science in International Relations and Politics