Carnegie Mellon University

Security War Game Simulation

Course Number: 84-600

This course is a seven-week national security simulation in which students will have an assigned role as a state or non-state actor and work with teams to develop policy responses to a security crisis that changes and develops over time, in response to team moves and other factors. This simulation involves great power competition between the United States and China, as both powers pressure the other, directly and through non-state actor proxies. Participants will need to gain an understanding of the facts through a complex information environment that is polluted with misinformation that allows actors to engage in manipulation and deception. You will learn how to analyze national security problems, develop and analyze options, advocate for your position, negotiate, and work within your team, as well as with other teams.

Academic Year: 2023-2024
Semester(s): Fall, Mini 2
Units: 6
Location(s): Pittsburgh

Fall 2023, Mini 2
7:00 - 9:50 PM

Counts towards the following CMIST degrees:
Master of Science in International Relations and Politics: International Relations, International Security concentrations

Master of Information Technology Strategy: Politics and Strategy concentration