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Bill Marcellino

Bill Marcellino (DC 2010)

Lecturer, Carnegie Mellon Institute for Strategy & Technology

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Bill Marcellino is a senior behavioral scientist at the RAND Corporation, professor of text analytics at the Pardee RAND Graduate School, and lecturer at Johns Hopkins University. He was trained as a sociolinguist and corpus linguist, and at RAND he develops analytic toolsets, including RAND-Lex, RAND's proprietary text and social media analytics suite. He teaches text analytics and machine learning methods for big datasets (e.g. social media), as well as qualitative research methods. His research focuses on information as a warfighting function, intelligence, military behavioral health (personal resilience, suicide prevention, and hazing prevention), counter-violent extremism/terrorism, and the use of social media for scalable analysis. He has also served as a US Marine tank officer and enlisted rifleman. Bill Marcellino received his PhD in rhetoric from Carnegie Mellon University.