Carnegie Mellon University

Obtaining Copies of Your Background Certifications

If you lost your original FBI or Child Abuse results, and your application date was after June 2015:

The easiest way to get a new copy free of charge is to contact the Department of Human Services at either 1-877-371-5422 or 1-717-783-6211.

Press “4” to request a copy of clearance results.

Press “1” to request a new copy of the FBI certification results
Press “2” to request a new copy of the Child Abuse results

If you moved recently, you may need to request that the form is sent to your new address. If the certification is sent to your home address, it is okay for someone to scan and send a copy to you.

If you have any questions about the status of your certifications, please contact our CMU Background Clearance Coordinator at

If you applied for certifications prior to July 2015:

The Department of Human Services no longer has your results on file, and you will need to reapply with the Office of Human Resources.