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Virtual Dalcroze Meet-up

The Virtual Dalcroze Meet-up is an independent international forum for Dalcroze educators to share best practices in online teaching spaces. Participation is open to anyone.

Virtual Dalcroze Meet-Up
Season 8 Schedule
September–December 2022

VDM Meet-Ups
–All Meet-Ups are free to attend
–All Meet-Ups will be recorded and available for free on the VDM Archive page.
–You do not have to pre-register for Meet-Ups. You will get a Zoom link to the Meet-Ups if you are on the VDM General Mailing List. Please subscribe here.

VDM Masterclass Series
–VDM Masterclasses require paid pre-registration
–You will receive a Zoom link to the class about 48 hours in advance of the class.
–We will send a recording to all masterclass registrants. You can participate live or watch the recording later (or both!). The recording link expires after 30 days. 
–Recordings of earlier Masterclasses are available for purchase here (with a new 30 day expiration).

 Check out the VDM CALENDAR for all the days and times of future Meet-ups and Masterclasses.

Meeting Organizers and Hosts:
Weronika Balewski
Stephen Neely
Emma Shubin

To join the mailing list:
Meetings are generally every two weeks. We send out an email every week or two announcing the upcoming events. If you would like to be on the mailing list click HERE.  

Note about privacy: 
We video record the meet-ups and post them to our YouTube archives for study reference. Email addresses are scrubbed from the chat transcripts. If you would like to participate but have a more strict privacy preference, consider joining with your video off and removing your name from your zoom screen. 

The VDM would like to thank our partners, Integral Steps for logistical support and the Marta Sanchez Dalcroze Training Center for hosting this website.